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Regenecare Sport



Collagen is essential for all those people who want to provide greater elasticity to the largest tissue in the body, THE SKIN, and especially those who practice sports, since training can wear out, deteriorate and damage ligaments and joints. When collagen is subjected to enzymatic hydrolysis, converting its molecules into smaller sizes, they quickly reach the tissues.
That is why we present you the complete formula of REGENECARE SPORT with 20 AMNINO ACIDS, BCAAs and VITAMINS. In addition to its ingredients such as GINGER, LEMON AND GREEN TEA that help provide great benefits such as:
Reduce joint pain and inflammation
stimulates defenses and facilitates muscle recovery
Avoid physical and mental exhaustion
Balance blood glucose
Fight overweight and obesity
Protects cellular DNA, slowing down the effects of aging
powerful antioxidant
Strengthens the immune system
Neutralizes the PH of the body
Reduce cell aging and oxidative stress

Contains 30 sachets for the whole month consuming 1 daily preferably after training.

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