Carrot and apple smoothie

Carrot and apple smothie to have a flat abdomen

For this abdominal fat burning juice we use apple again, why? Very easy. This fruit, so popular all over the world, has great slimming properties, especially the green apple, since, in addition to being rich in vitamins and minerals, and low in fat, it contains a large amount of fiber.

carrot and apple smothie

Thanks to this contribution of fiber, the apple helps regulate intestinal transit, stabilizing the metabolism, cleaning the body by expelling toxins and, therefore, considerably reducing the belly. On the other hand, it is a satiating food, highly recommended for those with anxiety about food.

Por su parte, la zanahoria también es una excelente fuente de fibra, de manera que este jugo es aconsejado para combatir el estreñimiento, ya que la unión de ambos productos favorece la eliminación de las sustancias que el cuerpo no necesita. Así mismo, la zanahoria ejerce un potente efecto termogénico en nuestro cuerpo, el cual se traduce en un incremento de la temperatura corporal y una quema de grasa abdominal más eficaz.


  • 4 carrots
  • 2 green apples
  • 1 handful of spinach leaves
  • 1 lemon (optional)
  • Water


  1. Wash, peel the carrots and chop them.
  2. Wash the apples well and cut them. You can leave the skin or not, since it is also beneficial for the body.
  3. Wash spinach thoroughly.
  4. Put everything in the blender glass and blend. If you want, you can also add the juice of a lemon.
  5. Add the necessary amount of water and, to drink the juice very cold, a little crushed ice.
Healthy fresh carrot juice in a glass and green apples

How to take it?

As with fruit juice to lose weight in the anterior abdomen, the most recommended is to consume a glass on an empty stomach, every morning, for a week or two at most. To increase the effects, you can add one more juice a day, half an hour before one of the meals. Of course, remember that exceeding its consumption can be counterproductive, so try to alternate it with other juices, a balanced diet and exercise. Delicious juice to slim the abdomen and waist!

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